Try a temporary retail extension before you buy a permanent one

If you’re looking to grow your interior retail space, you’ve likely spent hours searching for just the right quote. And it’s also very likely that quote might end up being one of the biggest purchases your business ever makes.

A permanent building extension might be expensive, but it could boost sales across your business, whether that’s to expand the interior floor space in your shop, give your café or restaurant extra seating, or just to provide you with an adaptable space that you can use for a variety of events across the seasons.

When making a purchase like this, it’s vital that you know it is an investment that will make significant returns, and it can be difficult to know whether they will have a great enough impact on your sales to warrant the overall spend.

Difficult, but not impossible.

Try before you buy with a temporary structure

With a temporary retail extension, you can get a taste of what a permanent extension can do for your business. Whatever you’re looking for, it provides you with the opportunity to see if that additional space will translate into more customers and more sales.

Here at Worldwide Structures, we design our temporary structures with you to make sure they fit with the aesthetics of their surroundings. This means you can make sure you get an accurate representation of what your extension will look like, giving you a cost-effective way to get an accurate vision of your retail extension.

One of the best things about a temporary structure is that, if you only have it up for 28 days, you won’t need planning permission to install it – though you should check with your local council just in case. Of course, if you’d rather try out a temporary extension for a longer period of time instead, it likely will require planning permission, however it’s much easier to get permission to erect a temporary extension than it is to build a full one. We’ve installed structures for clients in as little as two days, so you don’t have to worry about building works interrupting your day-to-day operations.

Do you need planning permission for a temporary extension?

Temporary extensions are often exempt from planning permission. As long as it is only in place for less than 28 days in a single year, it likely won’t require planning permission.

(Though it’s always best to check with your council before planning to put one up).

Thanks to our unique Space Building System™ our structures don’t just go up easily, but we build them without any impact on your existing infrastructure. We’ve even managed to build a 9m x 10m space within an internal courtyard at Tobacco Dock in London, moving all the parts in by hand.

This also works for free-standing structures, so if you’re looking to get new permanent buildings on your site, why not try a temporary structure first? That doesn’t mean a simple marquee or a tent. We’ve created multi-storey temporary structures for clients in the past and they are a great way of giving you (and your customers) more space to play with.

Extend your retail space with a temporary structure

Of course, there is a real power in temporary structures that permanent ones simply won’t give you. If your business has a lot of outdoor space, during Summer every inch of ground surrounding your business will see customers. However, in Winter, a lot of that space goes to waste. Using a temporary structure during the winter months gives your business a lot more space to take advantage of and once winter is over, it can be taken down quickly to make way for your outside summer stock!

Whether you wish to use a temporary structure as a testing ground for future investment, or you’re keen to just make the most of your indoor space during certain times in the year, here at Worldwide Structures we’ve helped retail spaces like garden centres and community areas alike elevate their spaces and grow their businesses.

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