The Role of Temporary Structures in Sustainable Event Planning

We’ve been in the events industry for a long time and in that time, we’ve watched live events, and the priorities of exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees evolve.

Sustainability continues to top that list for consumers, which has inadvertently trickled through to the businesses they engage with.

In fact, over 40% of consumers actively choose brands with environmentally friendly values and 34% go out of their way to boycott brands due to ethical concerns – sustainability is here to stay.

Businesses are required to focus on sustainability to maintain their reputations, meet environmental protection legislation and – most importantly – play their part in saving the planet.

According to the American Express 2024 Global Meetings and Events Forecast, 78% of people say their organisations are planning to have net zero goals in the following 12 months. With events playing a significant role in a company’s ability to network, gain visibility and work towards goals, event planners have to take this data on board.

There are many ways to improve your sustainability efforts when planning an event, such as choosing environmentally friendly suppliers and venues, reducing your use of paper, and saving water.

You can read more about this in our blog.

But how can temporary structures play a role in keeping your event planning sustainable?

What makes temporary structures sustainable?

With large quantities of materials and waste created during construction, using event structures in an environmentally-friendly way can be challenging.

Temporary structures can often be a greener choice because they require fewer resources to build and maintain. They can easily be dismantled and reinstalled at future events, or their parts used for new temporary structures at a later date.

Besides sustainability, there are plenty of benefits to installing a temporary structure. These include:

  • Cost-effectiveness

They can be rented or leased, meaning costs are lower. Additionally, fewer construction workers are required. This allows you to spread your budget more evenly across all aspects of the event.

  • Flexibility

Many temporary structures are adaptable, flexible or entirely custom-made. Not only can they often be tailored to meet clients’ precise needs, but they can also be altered after installation when necessary.

  • Easy installation and disassembly

This makes them perfect for tight deadlines, but also for those who like to plan ahead, as they can be safe in the knowledge that their structure will be erected in good time.

Many of our temporary structures have been installed in just a few days.

Paris > Rome > Madrid

If a client requires temporary structures for three separate events in three separate countries, you would think it would cost a lot of time and money – and be tough on the environment too.

However, in 2019, we worked with our long-term client, TRO, to build and deliver a structure to be activated in three cities – Paris, Rome and Madrid.

The modular design of this structure enabled our team to configure one set of resources in three different ways and, therefore, create three unique event structures from a single set of components.

Not only does this save time and create a more convenient building process, but it’s also much better for the environment.

Read more about our work with TRO.

Our pledge to a greener future

At Worldwide Structures, we place sustainability as a top priority. Over 95% of our components are reused. Those that cannot be reused on future installations are repurposed into new components or recycled by one of our licenced contractors.

Each of our structural components is made from aluminium, which currently has a global recycling efficiency rate (RER) of 76%. All of our parts are manufactured to be compatible with one another, making them incredibly versatile and ready to use over and over again.

All energy to our main warehouse is supplied via main grid electricity, contracted through Opus Energy, which declared a 100% renewable energy mix while our Business Impact Assessment Report was being carried out in 2022.

We always ensure we repurpose and reuse everything we can, even when a structure or part’s intended use can no longer be fulfilled.

Choosing our temporary structures can be a critical part of your sustainability journey, demonstrating your commitment to a greener future.

Read more about how Worldwide Structures are looking to contribute to a greener future and check out our innovative and sustainable bespoke structures.