Increasing your restaurant, pub or café capacity by maximising your outdoor space really could not be any easier with one of our temporary structures.

The benefits of renting a temporary structure:

Make your outdoor space welcoming and functional all year round not just for a few weeks in summer. Heating and air-conditioning units are easily installed keeping your structure comfortable all year round and our structures can be up and fully operational in just a few days.

Why a temporary structure and not a marquee?

Well, you will be surprised when you see one of our temporary structures, which are made from structural aluminium. They could not be further away from a marquee, they will not blow away in the wind, they are incredibly robust and weatherproof.  You choose the size of your structure and the look and feel, whether you want glass or solid panels, double/single swing or sliding doors, and whether you want it as a stand-alone building or integrated to your current establishment.

Although they are temporary, they most certainly have a permanent feel.

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But what if you don’t have a lot of room?

You would honestly be surprised what size of building we can fit into a small space. Or do you have a stunning vista that could be viewed if we were to install a double storey building or roof terrace – maybe a G&T bar on the roof!  Our buildings are adaptable to each location, to make the space work for you.

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Do you have an obstruction on your patio, a tree, or a lamppost for example?

We would simply build around difficult objects you may have. We can even build on uneven, difficult ground as the legs on the integral floor of the structure can be altered to keep your building level.

You can alter your structure in line with the season.

Our buildings can be altered to suit the season. You may decide to remove a wall for the summer, to allow for some al-fresco dining. This is no problem, then when it gets cooler, we can re-visit the site to re-install the wall.

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You will not be tied into a contract.

We do not insist on a fixed term contract, plus we offer Covid-19 payment options should you go into another local Lockdown.

By working together, we can best ride out the storm of uncertainty, ensuring when the Covid-19 pandemic is over we are both in a strong position to thrive.

Is it cost effective?

YES! If you would like an income versus expenditure comparison, we can do this for you based on the structure size you require.

Just give us a call to chat about your ideas.

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We are a professional, friendly team with over 20 years’ experience serving an array of hospitality establishments, including coffee shops, pubs, garden centre cafes and golf course club houses.

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