Spring Newsletter 2024

Now, the spring has sprung, the evenings are getting lighter, and the days are feeling warmer – doesn’t life move quickly?

Let’s reflect on what we’ve been doing across the last quarter, and what’s on the horizon for Worldwide Structures.

Our first year at CES

We were excited for our first at CES 2024, the “most powerful tech event in the world”, in January.

This year, we worked with InProduction and Sky Curl to provide Aptiv, an automotive tech company, with a mammoth two-storey temporary structure – designed to feel permanent.

Let us know what you think!

Events, events, events!

We’re not stopping when it comes to showcasing our structures at exciting events. This month, we were at the FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup in Aspen, Colorado, supplying a large structure for spectators, and the Cheltenham Festival, with our bespoke bar for Moët and Chandon – also to be seen at Aintree in April.

We’ll also be setting up a housed temporary structure for our clients BYD at Everything Electric in London, later this month.

Any questions?

Back in January, we realised that many businesses regularly ask us the same questions about our structures and systems, how sustainable they are and whether they can be branded.

So we published a helpful FAQs blog to help those interested understand exactly how we work.

If you need a refresh on our processes, read it now.

One of a kind

When you need a temporary structure for an event, you don’t want the design to be a copy-and-paste job. You want bespoke structures that stand out from the crowd.

In February, we published an article on how to create unique structures and shared some of our boldest structures for Land Rover, Mazda and BP.

Have a read!

Thanks for reading!

We did also want to ask – if you’ve worked with us in the past and you’ve got a spare moment, could you please leave us a Google Review? It really helps us out in understanding how we can better help our clients in the future.

Have a great next quarter!