Retire Early with a Temporary Structure

You’re probably asking yourself, what’s the link between Worldwide Structures Ltd and taking your first Saga holiday? 

Well, with a temporary structure at your next industry Expo, your company will have a unique and eye-catching platform to help you stand out and attract customers to your products.  

We work closely with you to create something that has capacity to showcase your company in an innovative and dynamic way – with the possibility of housing your products for a more tangible user experience.

Our designs are an extension of your brand

Picture the scene: your creatively-designed exhibition structure stands out from the sea of white plywood and canvas banners, making you more appealing to the delegates. One of these delegates is intrigued enough to strike up a conversation, and you invite them to the comfort of your specially designed meeting area – passing examples of your products along the way.  

In the meeting area, away from the hubbub of murmuring voices, you strike up a casual conversation. This unassuming delegate is impressed by your manner, and, as a result, equally impressed by your company.  

You ask the delegate about themselves. Over a posh coffee, which is nested on its own secure plinth alongside a tree of branded mugs, they open up about their background, current business, and plans for the future.  

Eventually the conversation reaches the inevitable point of talking orders; organically, of course, since nobody ever responds to the hard sell.  

The delegate cuts to the chase: they are overwhelmed by the professionalism of your company, the care and attention to detail you put into a run-of-the-mill expo, the examples of products you have on display (which is only possible because of your Worldwide Structures-designed exhibition space) and, with tongue-in-cheek, the coffee.  

You shake on a deal so large it dwarfs your previous largest sale. You keep your composure but, inside, you are concentrating entirely on preventing the palms of your hands from sweating.  

The next day in your office, as Worldwide Structures are on-site deconstructing your stand for use on another structure, your phone pings with an email notification. Attached to this email is a PO with so many numbers it takes your breath away.  

This order changes the trajectory of your company. With this money you can invest in a bigger team, meaning more orders, and more revenue into the business. The business becomes entirely self-sufficient, enabling you to hire someone else to oversee the day to day running of things.

And this is where we reach the decision to take early retirement. Your company is running incredibly smoothly, and profitably, and you are no longer needed to be involved in decisions.  

The only decision left for you to take is where to take your next trip? Cornwall or Corfu?  

Sitting back on your swing chair overlooking the glistening ocean, you think back to how all this happened. You think back to the deal at that expo a few years back and realise, none of this could be possible without the temporary structure you had commissioned. Without being able to stand out, you wouldn’t have attracted the delegate in the first place – our temporary structure changed the course of your history.

So, what are you waiting for? Send an enquiry for your next exhibition space to or call +44 (0) 1672 565 060 and let’s see if we can get you to early retirement.