Reconfigure your temporary structure needs

Just because a structure is temporary doesn’t mean it can’t leave a lasting impression.

And just because the structure was built in one way, doesn’t mean it should be kept that way.

At Worldwide Structures Ltd., our Space Building System™ allows for total flexibility in design. This allows the very same parts designed for you can be used to fulfil multiple, entirely different temporary structures.

1 client, 3 locations, 3 structures

Back in 2019, we worked with long-standing client TRO to deliver a structure on behalf of Nissan Formula E. The plan was to have three activations across three iconic European locations: Paris, Rome, and Madrid.

The modular nature of Nissan’s temporary structure not only allowed for a rapid activation, deactivation, and transport, but also meant that each location had its own uniquely reconfigured design to best suit its location.


The contemporary wooden panels were utilised here to offer glimpses into the inner core of the temporary structure – whilst providing shaded areas that emphasise the feeling of light and openness to match its external location.

The design was inspired by modern architecture and Formula E aerofoil car design.



This design used subtle Japanese detailing and flowing solid shapes to draw you into the space. The front is open, transparent, and light with a darker more controlled area at the back.

We wanted this configuration to align with a new global look and feel, fusing Japanese Contemporary and Technology touchpoints for a truly unique experience.


This was a similar reconfiguration of our Paris installation, however here we wanted to incorporate the wide-open location by opening up the second-level balcony. This helped this configuration feel much bigger than it actually was and become part of the landscape once visitors were situated on the balcony.

Regardless of the configuration, the structures had to mirror each other in terms of content and corporate identity.

To maintain budgetary control, the building system (and methods of fixing) had to be modular allowing the internal fit out and branding to be used at all three locations, thereby saving costs throughout the entire project.

Innovation Meets Flexibility

Designed to be adaptable and versatile, choosing to partner with Worldwide Structures gives you more than just a single building.

From public roadshows to event venues, our temporary structures offer a breadth of opportunities for creativity and experimentation you cannot get anywhere else.

Sustainable Architecture

Worldwide Structures continue to strive to reduce our environmental footprint and all parts, structures, and fixings are designed with sustainability in mind.

Click here to read our carbon footprint report.

Everything we provide can be constructed and deconstructed with minimal waste, making them a greener choice. All parts manufactured are compatible with one another – so, once an event is over, the materials are stored ready to be used again, and again, and again, and again…


Everyone is looking out for their bottom line, whatever their activity – whether that is brand exposure at a prestigious event, a hospitality venue, or a publicity roadshow, providing ‘bang for your buck’ is an incentive too great to ignore.

Make significant savings by partnering with Worldwide Structures. We can design and develop multiple concepts to be activated using the exact same parts and fixings.

The value reconfigurable temporary structures offer is vast – allowing our clients to get a lot more mileage out of a single set of parts to cater their live experiences to individual locations and events.

We offer sustainable solutions and provide a blank canvas to produce innovative designs to better showcase your brand, products, and business – wherever you need to be.