Positively preparing for post Lockdown business

Positively preparing for post Lockdown business

As part of our business we work with garden centre cafés, restaurants, and pubs providing temporary rentable space, bringing your outdoor patio space in. This enables businesses to increase their indoor capacity helping them to retain covers whilst complying with the Governments social distancing guidelines. 

Our structures can easily to be configured to meet various business requirements.

Our structures can be installed on virtually any surface, regardless of the levels.  They can be attached to existing buildings or if preferred can be a separate stand-alone operational unit. Do you have a permanent feature in the area that would get in the way of a building? That isn’t a problem, our system can be simply modified to fit around lamppost, tree trunks etc. 

Is space tight, that is not a problem either.  We can build double storey buildings, or would you prefer a roof terrace, to enjoy the views on a summers evening?

We can help businesses provide a fully fitted out ready-to-use structure in just a matter of days.  Or if you prefer, we can work alongside the businesses preferred trades to deliver the finished building.

The benefits of renting one of our temporary structures:

  • Easily re-configured to suit every application
  • Dedicated experienced, professional team
  • No need for expensive groundworks prior to installation. They can be sited on almost any surface and the all-terrain platform can be installed over undulating terrain
  • Fully functional in just a matter of days (depending on size).
  • Robust and weatherproof, they will not blow away in a strong wind.
  • No fixed contracts
  • Rent or Purchase
  • Working together with you to get your business back up and running.
  • A fully fitted ready to go structure or just the bare structure we will support you in either choice, working with you and your preferred trades.
  • Covid-19 lockdown payment terms available
  • Once installed can be redesigned – i.e. side off for summer season
  • Integral floor
  • Multi-storey or single
  • Temporary building with a permanent feel

Contact us to find out more and receive your non obligation quote plus receive a generic cost analysis, this outlines profit (covers) potential V’s rent of the structure.

So, you can see straight away whether bringing your outside space inside works for your business.

Talk to us about your ideas and let’s see what we can do together: stuart@w-sl.com / 01672 565 060