Watch our manufacturing department in action!

Our skilled manufacturing department not only manufactures our temporary structure components in-house, they also manufacture parts and items for other businesses too. The department is getting busier and bigger by the day.

Below are three videos of our manufacturing department in action. We hope this gives you an insight to some of the things we can do and the machines we have.

The first video is of our VMC (Vertical Machining Centre) machine. This can manufacture a multitude of machine components, ranging from structural parts to small jigs for locksmiths.

In the second video we have our Flow Drill at work. The Flow Drill is used as part of the process when making our premium handrail system. It creates a thicker threaded portion of tube to allow glass or cable fixings to be easily attached.

The third video displays our Horizontal Milling Machine, we use this to cut slots in our beams and hangers. This process is used on all of our temporary structures.

If you have a requirement for a component or a part please give Jolly our Warehouse Manager a call  +44 (0) 1672 565 060 or drop him and email at Nothing is too big or too small, in any quantity you require.