How to Create a Unique Event Structure

If you’ve considered having a temporary structure created for your event, you may think your options are limited.

Many structures are built from standardised pieces, which, in theory could limit the creativity and flexibility of the design. Many people don’t think you can have a more inventive option – but the truth is, you can.

The days of simple white marquees are long gone and, as events marketing remains incredibly important for businesses, the need to stand out is ever increasing. Temporary structures are built to be dismantled or relocated when they’re no longer in use, but this doesn’t mean they should be unimaginative. In fact, opting for a temporary structure actually gives room for experimentation.

What makes a temporary structure unique?

If you want to wow a potential or existing client with your temporary structure, something simple doesn’t always cut it.

Temporary structures can feature curved roofs, mirrored façades and even champagne bars, so when it comes to specifying the shape, size and functionality of your structure, the power is in your hands.

Here are some examples of temporary structures that could inspire your next commission:

Circular structure: Land Rover

They wanted to commission a curved fronted structure and full height glass, unique to their brand.

The Circulus prototype was created and put to the test. Once they were satisfied with the results, they progressed to delivery.

Land Rover’s platform was delivered with a multifaceted glazed front structure – plus, a solid wall back-of-house area.

They were very impressed with the results!

Find out more about Land Rover’s commission here.

2012 Olympic Games showcase: BP

Ahead of the 2012 Olympic Games in London, specialist fit-out company Beck Interior needed a partner to help them create a custom temporary showcase at the Olympic Park for their client, BP.

The structure was to feature a complete mirrored façade, creating “a sense of low impact on the environment, by reflecting the adjacent buildings, clouds and sky”.

The kit was extremely adaptable and boasted a stunning asymmetric design.

The Design Council said: “We (also) welcome the design detailing of the pavilion, which is of the quality you would expect for a permanent structure.”

Read more about this project here.

Press launch: Mazda

When Mazda were launching the latest version of their MX5 model in the west of Scotland, they chose an innovative concept – in a rather remote and interesting location.

Mazda’s idea was to give the impression that the structure, built to house the old and new MX5 models side by side, was floating on water.

The building, which needed to be light and airy, was made of architectural walling and was installed complete with a bespoke ramp to transport the cars and act as an entrance for invited press.

Mazda later requested a similar building in another location, with both to be built and dismantled around a strict deadline.

Discover more about Mazda’s commission here.

Hospitality Bar at Royal Ascot: Bollinger

When event planning company ‘Peachy Productions’ wanted a temporary open bar near the main entrance to the grandstand at Ascot, they were faced with a few problems…

Limited build period meant precise project planning was required at every stage to make sure everything was delivered on time, and an uneven terrain posed an extra challenge.

However, their structure was proof that your ideas can come to life, even when there are obstacles in the way.

Discover more about this project here.

What can we do for you?

At Worldwide Structures, we pride ourselves on our approach. We design, produce and manufacture bespoke temporary structures to your specification, taking your needs fully into account. We work closely with the leading design, exhibition and production agencies who service event and exhibition needs.

If you need a custom temporary structure, we will work in conjunction with you to design, produce and manufacture a custom building – your way.

We operate from our UK-based manufacturing facility, giving you the flexibility to customise your rental structure and add unique features as you so choose.

We pull together a winning concept, pushing the boundaries of design every step of the way.


Our in-house team produce detailed CAD format drawings. We then develop detailed plans, conduct site visits and ensure all structural calculations have been accurately produced. We also supply all the paperwork needed to comply with the guidelines and standards that apply to your event.

Next, we meticulously plan the despatch and delivery of your temporary building; our team has never failed to deliver the successful installation of a building.

Once the event is over, our team will dismantle your structure with speed and care. And if you need to use your structure again or repurpose it, we can even store it for you until your next event.

If you’re interested in working with us, or you have any questions, get in touch at