Going with the curve

We’ve been in the temporary structures game for over 20 years and in that time we have had the distinct pleasure of designing and building exhibition, event, and hospitality structures for companies of all shapes and sizes – from large automotive brands showcasing their latest vehicles to local garden centres, world-renowned beverage-sponsored bars to exhibition spaces for food suppliers.

As you can imagine, we have had to remain on top of our game to create innovative structures that keep our clients impressed by impressing at their events.

It is this mindset which led our R&D team to think outside of the usual box-structured shapes with which we have had so much success and offer our clients something truly unique.

The Background

Our Space Building SystemTM has been revolutionary in facilitating the work that we do. Its modular nature has meant Worldwide Structures Ltd., can build enormous multi-storey structures, capable of holding vehicles up to 4 stories high with no risk of deformation.

All floor beams, support columns and roof beams are constructed from the same ‘thirteen cavities’ extruded aluminium profile. This unique and patented profile is 130mm x 130mm in cross section, with a unique fixing channel to each facet, which can be used to simplify and speed up the fit-out. The system is totally integrated, and the size and scale of structures are only limited by our clients’ imaginations.

The core principle of the building system is based around righted connections. So, creating a curved structural wall, therefore, required some engineering magic…

As is illustrated by this image lengths and floor platform incorporating the new curve feature, using straight beams across two lengths, and manipulating the connection angles giving the impression that the framework is a curve.

Of course, this meant developing new connectors to facilitate the design.

Proof of Concept

At Worldwide Structures, we are incredibly proud that all our manufacturing is done in-house. This means we are not reliant on third parties producing the equipment we need, giving us absolute autonomy and free reign with our designs, to help us deliver our clients design ideas. 

One aspect that facilitated this R&D was the competitive pricing we could offer along with this new product. Additional third-party design costs didn’t need to be passed down to our customers, as it utilised our in-house R&D team, which is supported by independent structural engineers where necessary.

Without this level of freedom, we could not embark on such an ambitious design. The R&D team set to work deploying their collective brain power and 3D design software to determine the various angles required to achieve the desired effect and deliver something totally unique.

What our team developed were entirely new connectors, with the sole purpose of creating a faceted framework to produce a curved effect on a temporary structure. As with everything we manufacture, these connectors are built for stock so can be reused and repurposed as appropriate.



Worldwide Structures Ltd. are merely a vehicle for you.

You bring us your concept, what it is you want to see at the end, and we will create that for you.

And don’t think you need to have any sense of artistic endeavour to translate your vision. Our 3D modellers are capable of turning any brief, be that a verbal description, or scribbled design on a napkin from the local pub into a 3D model of your perfect temporary structure.

And with our latest achievement, we can give you something nobody else can!

Get heads turning at your next event or exhibition by adding something a little more dynamic, something that is against the grain but goes with the curve.

Reach out to our team here and let’s turn your imagination into reality.