We answer your Frequently Asked Questions about Worldwide Structures Ltd’s products and services.

How does your structure system work?

Worldwide Structures Ltd. unique Space Building System™ is based on a patented profile for all structural members. The building system is component based as opposed to modular, which allows us to deliver unique structure designs from our standard rental stock. The building system is capable of being built up to three storeys high.

The flat roof option allows for the roof to be used as a roof terrace or used to display your product.

The unique all-terrain platform can be installed on most surfaces and can accommodate most site level changes, without the need for a scaffold subframe.

What standard sizes can you supply?

Worldwide Structures Ltd. standard rental stock is based on a 2.5 metre grid.

So long as the overall dimensions are divisible by 2.5, we can supply it.

Our standard leg heights are 2.5, 3 & 4 metres.

We have 3 roof options, flat, dome & Space Roof.

What happens if you do not have the size I require as part of your standard rental stock?

Worldwide Structures Ltd. manufacture all components at our facilities in Wiltshire, so if there is a particular size you require, we can manufacture it for you.

What information do I need to provide a quote?

In order for us to provide a detailed quote then we need the following information:

  • Size of structure (or space available)
  • Number of floors
  • Date and duration of event

If all of the details are not available, then we are more than happy to provide an indicative price until all the details are confirmed.

Do I get a CAD drawing for my contractors/designers?

At the quote stage we tend to supply the proposal only, but we may, if we have a similar drawing within our drawing library, supply you with a generic drawing binder as a basis to plan our stand around.

As the enquiry progresses, we will produce a PDF and 3D DWG drawing binder of your quoted structure.

We have large repository of images from previous projects that we are unable to put on the website, so if your structure is similar to a previous project, we can share those images with you.

Check out our case studies to see examples of our work.

How sustainable are your structures?

Over 95% of our components are re-used as they form a part of our rental stock. Those that cannot be reused on future activations, are re-purposed into other components, or recycled.

Aluminium is the material that all our structural components are fabricated from, and aluminium currently has a global recycling efficiency rate (RER) of 76%.

Which means when a component has come to the end of its life, we simply pop it in the recycling bin (but seriously, we partner with a number of licenced recycling contractors).

For more information, see our carbon footprint report here.

Where do you operate?

As the name suggests, we operate Worldwide.

European activations are delivered from our UK rental stock.

We have rental stock stored with production companies on the East & West coast of the USA.

Additionally, we have partnered up with an industry leading events company in Australia to deliver our unique building system for their market.

Can you put heavy display items in the structure?

In short yes.

Our patented all-terrain platform allows you to display your product not only on the ground floor, but upper floors and if required on the roof (subject to engineering approval).

If the display is too heavy for our platform, we can omit the floor section where the display is to be located and infill around it. Cars, Mini Diggers, Aircraft components, Tractors and even a helicopter have been displayed on/in our structures.

Click here to see examples of our work.

Do you sell and operate your structures for clients?

Yes, we do, and we can offer storage and maintenance contracts as part of your purchase agreement.

The beauty of the Space Building System™ is that if you buy your own structure, and you have an event that requires a larger structure than you own, we can supplement your owned stock with components from our rental stock.

How long can these structures be activated for?

Subject to local authority approval, our temporary structure system can be activated for an indefinite period.

If you are looking to extend your current premises, then we can supply a stand-alone structure or if preferred, we can connect the temporary building to your existing premise.

Click here to see our temporary extension.

Can you provide a turnkey structure solution?

We work closely with a specific group of fit-out companies with the same attention to detail and high level of finish that we have.

So, if you are looking for a turnkey structure, get in touch.

Do you allow clients to fit out their structures?

If you have your own preferred fit out companies, we are more than happy to work with them to ensure your finished structure is up to the highest level of finish.

If not however, we work with a trusted selection of fit out companies; we even have a blog detailing some of the best in the area.

Can your structures be branded?

All of our glass and solid panels can be branded, and we have preferred contractors who can facilitate this for you.

As part of our rental stock, we also have roof line fascia banners that can be branded to make your structure stand out from the rest of the crowd. These banners can be reinforced to attach 3D logos to.

Click here to see examples of our work.

Can I attach/hang items from the structure?

Our unique structure profile has a central fixing channel on the majority of all horizontal and vertical structural components.

We can supply fixings that utilise this central channel to hang items from or to facilitate an easier fit-out.

We hope that helps but if you have any more questions we haven’t answered here, please get in touch for more information.