We Are Nameless: Countrywide Campaign

We Are Nameless approached us on behalf of Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturer BYD, needing a structure for a road show.

The Vision

This campaign was to have multiple activations across the country, so rather than offer our rental stock, We Are Nameless and BYD opted for a purchase request.

Ownership over their structure meant we could house the temporary structure for them between shows and activate it for them across multiple events. This plan allowed We Are Nameless to only pay activation costs, so based on the number of activations they had planned, they would recoup their investment in as little as two years.

Worldwide Structures Ltd. Delivered:

We Are Nameless planned multiple activations for a country-wide campaign to promote BYD’s range of EVs. We prioritised a design that could be easily reconfigured to suit individual events, allowing for the reuse of bespoke components to create a truly unique experience every time.

Not only did this help We Are Nameless cultivate a memorable experience for visitors, but it also enabled our team to speed up installation, reduce costs for the client, and reduce the environmental impact of temporary structure activations – appropriate for an EV manufacturer.

Manufactured entirely in-house, we included the storage of the structure in the purchase cost, meaning components could be inspected before despatch for their next activation.

Our Space Building System™ means that at any time We Are Nameless can request additional rental components to their existing structure with ease – whether that’s increasing the size or adapting the designs to better match future events.


Since April, We Are Nameless has activated our structure seven times – with each event featuring its own design and layout.

If you’re looking for a temporary structure supplier that can support multiple activation campaigns with design, setup, and storage then get in touch with us today. We will work tirelessly to help you get the most out of your money.

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