The New Mazda 3 Launch


The New Mazda 3 Launch

Mazda approached us directly to deliver a structure where they could host the media launch of their new Mazda 3.

The Vision
A stunning, inviting, light and airy glazed structure was needed which could frame the views across the beautiful Derwent Valley.

The structure needed to be robust enough to hold four Mazda 3 cars, which told the story visually of the Mazda 3’s journey.

The System
Utilising our in-house designer and with input from the client, we designed a 15m x 20m single storey dome roof.
The interchangeable architectural panels allowed for sections of the walling to be glazed, offering 3 aspects to the stunning views of the surroundings, with the remaining section having a solid panel installed.

In keeping with the appearance of the structure we built a screen around the aircon unit, keeping the visual feel and flow of the interior clean and airy.

The undulating terrain was overcome with our self-levelling all-terrain platform, negating the need for a separate scaffold underfloor framework.

Worldwide Structures Ltd Delivered

  • We delivered a 15m x 20m all-terrain platform, complete with a 15m x 20m single storey dome roof with glazed and solid architectural panels.


  • Access was a huge issue for us as the build location was at the stunning Lord Crewe Arms in Blanchard, which is located at end of a tiny lane. The lane was unsuitable for large vehicle access so we used smaller lorries than normal to ensure the building components could get to the build site. We were also delivered floor finishes and HVAC using and working alongside our preferred contractors.


  • Close collaboration with the designer and internal fit out contractor was essential to ensure the high level of service delivery and finish of the structure was achieved in the time available to the client’s expectations.


  • This was another successful project delivered for Mazda in a beautiful part of the country with stunning views overlooking the picturesque countryside.

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