Nissan Formula E European Roadshow

Nissan Formula E European Roadshow

Rome, Paris and Berlin

In collaboration with our long-standing clients, TRO, we helped develop and deliver a structure solution for the Nissan Formula E Team at 3 prestige events in beautiful locations as part of their on-going brand awareness campaign.

Formula E is a class of motorsport that uses only electric-powered cars.

The series was conceived in 2011, and the inaugural championship commenced in Beijing in September 2014.

The Vision

Rome & Berlin: Built on a 5×5 grid system, this design used subtle Japanese detailing and flowing solid shapes to draw you into the space. The front is open, transparent and light with a darker more controlled area at the back. This design can align with a new global look and feel, fusing Japanese Contemporary and Technology touch-points.

Paris: The oriental box can be intriguing and allow glimpses through the inner core while maintaining a light glowing feel. Built on a 5×5 grid system, this design is inspired by modern architecture and Formula E aerofoil car design. Materials will really bring this skin of the cube alive and shapes can be adapted to create exciting forms and shapes on the external fascia.

Regardless of the configuration, the structures had to mirror each other in terms of content and corporate identity

To maintain budgetary control, the building system (and methods of fixing) had to be modular allowing the internal fit out and branding to be used at all three locations, thereby saving costs throughout the entire project.

 The System

Utilising our in-house design and manufacturing department, we designed a 10m x 20m single storey flat roof structure which was to be delivered at the two indoor venues in Rome and Berlin. This structure design also had to accommodate a VR simulator which had to be in position prior to the structure being installed, allowing it to be incorporated seamlessly into the internal fit out.

The outdoor structure, which was built in the Gardens des Les Invalides Paris, was designed based around a 10m x 10m double storey flat roof structure. This building was installed without the need for groundworks or attachments into the floor. All activations had to be achieved against a tight install and derig schedule, allowing for collaboration with other suppliers to ensure the project was delivered on time and to an extremely high standard.

Worldwide Structures Ltd Delivered

  • Rome: A 10M x 20M all-terrain platform, complete with a 10M x 20M single storey structure. We built this structure on a protective surface to preserve the delicate limestone floors inside the beautiful La Nuvola Convention Centre.
    The build took 2 ½ days working around contractors at allocated times.


  • Berlin: A 10M x 20M all-terrain platform, complete with a 10M x 20M single storey structure. This was built partially undercover at the Tempelhof Airport in Berlin.

This structure like the above Rome structure took 2 ½ days to build. This location was the crew favourite.
With both the Rome and Berlin structures, we removed a section of the platform to accommodate the VR simulator, as well as the roof directly above the simulator. This enabled the simulator to have a full range of movement whilst positioned in the structure. The walling consisted of glazed architectural panels, along with solid standard panels making up the back of house areas. Sections of the walling were also omitted to give a feeling of openness to the stand.


  • Paris: A 10M x 10M all-terrain platform, complete with a 10M x 10M double storey flat roof. This was built within the stunning Gardens des Les Invalides complying with strict local regulations.

This structure, although double storey had the same usable floor space as the single storey structures.
Leading up the internal staircase to the enclosed first floor section which was positioned overlooking the E-Village. The walling consisted of glazed architectural panels and solid standard panels to the back of house area. A corner of the structural walling was omitted to act as the entrance to the building. This structure took 3 days to build.

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