MX5 Press Launch the Structure in Water

Mazda UK were launching the latest version of the MX5 in the west of Scotland.

Worldwide Structures Ltd were contacted to provide the structure in a rather remote location.

The Vision

The idea was for the structure to give the appearance of floating on water.  The structure was to house an example of each of the previous versions of the MX5 alongside the new one.  This was to house the invited press.  The structure had to be sufficiently robust enough to support five road legal cars whilst giving the appearance of it floating on the water.  Later, in the project development phase we were also asked to supply another building at a separate location some 60 miles apart

The System

The main showcase building had to be light and airy.  The structure supplied was a 10m x 15m single storey structure with dome roofs.  All walls were made up of architectural walling.  We also constructed a bespoke ramp, firstly to get the cars into the structure, then to be used as the main entrance to the structure.  The additional structure was a 5m x 10m single storey structure with dome roof and architectural walling.

 Worldwide Structures Ltd Delivered

  • 2 separate buildings in different locations, all built and dismantled around a strict deadline
  • Overcoming a challenging, undulating terrain and building/dismantling the main structure around the tide timetable
  • A turnkey solution for both buildings, including floor finishes, lighting and furniture
  • Project liaison with other on-site teams to ensure smooth delivery of the final structure

We can design, produce and manufacture bespoke buildings to your specification.