Michelin at Goodwood

Michelin at Goodwood

Michelin, a premium tyre company known throughout the world, wanted to demonstrate their brand at

Goodwood Festival of Speed and Goodwood Revival.

The Vision

The vision of the Festival of Speed was to supply two hugely different structures.

The first was a stunning double storey structure on the main event space. The second, much smaller structure was to be the centre piece of the Super Car Paddock.

At Goodwood Revival, the structure had to be designed to replicate a real-life structure.

 The System

For the main hospitality structure, we built a 20mx25m double storey structure with a stunning 15M x 25M double storey clear span central atrium. The structure included two 5M x 25M double storey structures with access to roof terraces. Linking the two structures was a covered exhibition space. Within the building, turntables were installed to display high specification cars on the grand and first floor.

The Super Car Paddock structure incorporated two 5M x 5M single storey structures linked by a 5M x 10M Space Roof. This provided a covered area, complete with a flush mounted turntable, allowing the various Super Cars to be driven on and off the turntable. The Space Roof allowed for a 5M clearspan area to allow for vehicle/pedestrian access.

Later in the year at Goodwood Revival, we provided a 7.5M x 9M double storey, double height building. The flexibility of our system allowed for a section of the all-terrain platform to be removed. Also, the design of our unique profile allowed for the fit-out company to easily affix to, replicating the iconic Art Deco inspired Michelin building in London.

Check out our Revival structure for Michelin  here from 8 mins onwards.

Worldwide Structures Ltd Delivered

At Goodwood Festival of Speed, we delivered two totally different structures, using our unique building system . The larger one, had to accommodate the significant site level changes, the smaller one had to be built around access restrictions of a working estate. Both were delivered within a tight timeframe and handed over to the client in preparation for the fit out.


At the Goodwood Revival, we based our structure design around a scale replica of an existing permanent building, including a double storey, double height atrium. Removal of a section of flooring allowed for an almost seamless transition between the ground and our all-terrain platform.


Our unique profile allowed the fit-out crew to fix seamlessly to our structure, producing a scaled replica of the Art Deco inspired Michelin building in London.


Project liaison with other on-site sub-contractors to ensure smooth delivery of the final structures.

We can design, produce and manufacture bespoke buildings to your specification.