JCB at ConExpo

JCB at ConExpo 

TPN were familiar with the possibilities of the Space Building System™ and wanted to use it to create a showpiece structure for JCB at the 2008 ConExpo in Las Vegas, USA.

The Vision

The structure needed to work as a temporary sales and marketing HQ for JCB for the duration of the show, enabling them to see and meet large volumes of prospects and clients in a showcase environment. To support this function, the structure needed to house reception areas, meeting rooms and areas, working office space, a dining hall, restaurant and JCB shop.

The System

A huge three storey structure, 54m x 18m x 9m high, was constructed which featured a clear span atrium with staircases leading to mezzanine floors. The structure was supported with a space roof, which was built onsite and lifted on in three sections by crane. The roof has two purposes, a contemporary design feature for the external building negating the need internal supports and enabling the creation of a large and impressive indoor open space. The system also featured a tinted glass facade creating an elegant visual statement.

 Worldwide Structures Delivered

  • Unlimited design support over a six month development period, providing consultation and technical drawings for each stage of the design process.
  • Compliance with the demanding local building regulations.
  • US union liaison, sourcing, training and managing local labour to make up 75% of our build team, as specified by state law.
  • Logistical planning, ensuring the entire kit was shipped and delivered on-time, coordinating 20+ trailers for just in time delivery to Las Vegas.

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