Hospitality Bar at Royal Ascot

Hospitality Bar at Royal Ascot

Since 2013 we are proud to have been appointed by Peachy Productions to provide a structure which is used as the hospitality bar for Royal Ascot.

The Vision

An open bar built in the proximity of the main entrance to the grandstand.

The System

We provided a 10M x 12.5M all-terrain platform with a 5M x 12.5M open flat roof structure this was complete with wooden capped handrail.

The flexibility of the Space Building System allowed for a significant difference in site levels to be easily overcome. A site level change of 900mm over the 12.5M length was readily levelled using the all-terrain platform.

Peachy Productions design and manage the delivery of the structure for the main sponsors.

Worldwide Structures Ltd Delivered

  • A 10M X 12.5M platform
  • A 5M X 12.5M open flat roof single storey structure
  • Limited build period meant exact project planning to ensure all resources were delivered to site on time.
  • Overcoming a challenging, undulating terrain
  • A planned re-visit to site once the internal fit-out was complete to install bespoke manufactured handrail on the steps leading up to the bar area.
  • Project liaison with other on-site teams, including the supply of component fixings, to ensure smooth delivery of the final structure.

We can design, produce and manufacture bespoke buildings to your specification.