Grob at Farnborough International Airshow

Grob at Farnborough International Airshow


Grob Aircraft is a German aircraft manufacturer who appointed Skala Contracts to design and deliver an outdoor temporary structure for the Farnborough International Airshow 2018.



The Vision

Skala’s initial design for the outdoor structure was to have a double storey structure that provided hospitality, a dedicated simulator room and sufficient space for product display.

The structure needed to be completed to a high specification and the attention to detail complimentary to this German brand. This all had to fit within a restricted height limit due to the location of the plot in relation to the radar site lines on this working airfield.

 The System

The structure delivered was a 15M x 17.5M double storey flat roof building with architectural glass and solid panels. To the front of the structure a 5M x 17.5M first floor balcony was included, allowing panoramic views of the airfield and displays. Within the structure a 10M x 10M double storey, double height atrium was built, to accommodate the state of the art flight simulator. This double storey building was designed and built incorporating two different size columns for the ground and first floor, ensuring that the structure did not interfere with the radar site lines.

Worldwide Structures Ltd Delivered


  • A bespoke designed double storey flat roof structure with first floor balcony and double height atrium


  • Designed the structure to fit under the site height restriction


  • Project liaison with our client and their preferred contractors, to ensure that the finished structure was delivered on time, and to the end users expectations

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