Goodwood Festival of Speed with Worldwide Structures Ltd.

Goodwood Festival of Speed is an annual motorsports festival where household names like BMW, Maserati, Volvo, and JLR can showcase their very best alongside equipment manufacturers and dealerships like Michelin and Sytner. 

We’ve been lucky enough to enjoy the summer sun at Goodwood for two decades, helping the coolest brands stand out alongside their biggest clients, competitors, and suppliers.  

Anyone who’s been to Goodwood knows how brilliant the atmosphere is for visitors and exhibitors alike. We’ve created dozens of temporary structures purpose-built to stand out whilst fitting in with that welcoming, excitement that fills the air across Goodwood. 

20 years ago, in 2003, we supported Vauxhall in creating their “A Century of Speed” stand, showcasing their massive range of cars from vintage cruisers to rally racers. Vauxhall wanted a stand that had an open feel and with only a simple 6m x 12m two-storey structure.

We helped create something truly unique for that year’s festival, incorporating wide glass doors on the ground floor and a sheltered balcony on the upper level, enabling Vauxhall to show off its wide range of cars in an unforgettable setting. 

A decade later, we created one of our most unique structures for Skoda. We put together a massive 25m x 22.5m, two-storey temporary building with a mezzanine. It included a balcony overlooking the rest of the festival, a stage area equipped with lighting, indoor and outdoor screens, and even a slide to the ground floor!  

These individual features came together to present a truly unique experience for Skoda’s visitors.  

From the extravagant to the elegant, we worked with BAC Mono to create a stylish 10m x 20m stand for their showcase in 2019. BAC Mono puts speed, function and feeling first, so we created a sleek and minimal stand designed to showcase their super-powerful hyper cars.

Last year, we had the pleasure of supporting three companies showcasing their best at Goodwood Festival of Speed. We helped hyper-car manufacturer Zenvo with their event structure, which doubled in size from the previous year’s stand (which we also did). We kept the same sleek design, but with an increased size, creating a huge open space perfect for their showcase of the TSR-S, one of the fastest road-legal cars in the world!  

Zenvo weren’t the only manufacturer of lightning-fast cars that we supported last year, Czinger made their debut in 2022 with a stand to introduce their 21C model for the first time in the UK. We created a sleek and stylish open stand perfect for their ethos of Iconic Design/Revolutionary Technology/Dominating Performance. 

Of course, Goodwood isn’t just for manufacturers. It’s a great chance for dealerships to showcase all their fantastic brands. For Sytner, a dealer of high-performance and luxury vehicles, we reimagined our site from 2021’s festival to further reflect the elegance and style of Sytner’s cars, equipped with a wide-open entrance and styled to match the brand’s colours. 

One of our largest stands was 2021’s Jaguar-Land Rover site, which showed off a huge range of vehicles from Jaguar’s all-electric hyper-car concept, the Vision Grand Turismo SV to their classic 1960s E-Type – which celebrated its 60th anniversary.  

But it wasn’t just Jaguar who made full use of our stylish crescent structure. Land Rover set up their huge Defender V8 atop the roof to make it impossible to miss. 

Looking at the pictures you might think that scale was impossible to top, but 4 years earlier in 2017 we designed and built a towering three-storey pavilion for BMW. Equipped with a rooftop garden, it gave its visitors some of the best views of the festival. It was so well received, we brought it back in 2018 to showcase their new i8 Roadster. 

We’ve had the chance to work with some of the biggest and best brands at Goodwood Festival of Speed. We work hard to make sure they have something truly unique that still matches their brand identity so they can stand out and create lasting memories for their visitors.

We can’t wait to show you what we’ve done for this year's festival. If you’ve got an event coming up and are looking for a temporary structure that will wow your visitors, get in touch with us today.