Garden Centre Restaurant Extension

Creating extra space within a garden centre can often be a long drawn-out process but you can achieve this in just a few days by installing one of our temporary or semi-permanent structures.

Our extensions fix seamlessly onto your current building or alternatively they can be used as a standalone structure.

The structures can be fully operational and ready to accommodate your customers in just a few days with little to no disturbance to the day to day running of your business.
One of the major benefits of using their Space Building System is it negates the need for expensive ground works prior to installation. Designed and manufactured in Wiltshire, the building is delivered to site in kit form and is built from the ground up, regardless of the terrain. The only requirements are a small crew and a forklift.
With 100% of the structural elements being re-usable, the environmental impact is negligible.


The Vision

We were approached by Alton Garden Centre, which is the largest garden centre in Essex to provide a temporary extension to its popular restaurant, Digby’s.

“Digby’s restaurant boasts a beautiful large courtyard which is incredibly popular during the summer months, but not always so well utilised during the winter months. The restaurant manager wanted to offer its valued and loyal customers the same seating availability and service all year round, therefore maintaining the café’s capacity and turnover. Together, Alton’s manager and restaurant manager considered various options to cover the outdoor seating area. These included building a permanent conservatory or installing a temporary marquee, however neither of these options were suitable as they created additional problems which weren’t easy overcome.

 The System

We discussed various structural configurations to cover the outdoor restaurant space, from single storey to double storey structures. It was decided a single storey structure was most suitable.

Upon confirmation of the project, the structural components were prepared and delivered to site. We provided and built a 7.5m x 12.5m single storey, flat roof temporary structure covering the outdoor restaurant space, seamlessly bringing the outdoor space indoors. The installation of the building only took 3 days, with the café remaining operational throughout.

In addition to delivering the structure, we also supplied and coordinated the installation of heating and floor covering, plus we worked alongside the garden centre’s electrician when installing temporary power into the structure.

We also manufactured a bespoke ramp from the existing café area to the temporary building and an external ramp from the decked area to the gate in the courtyard for access purposes.

Worldwide Structures Ltd Delivered


  • A 12.5M X 7.5M single storey flat roof structure


  • Manufactured 2 bespoke ramps. One from the existing café area to the temporary building and the second an external ramp from the decked area to the gate in the courtyard for access purposes.


  • Project liaison with our client throughout to ensure that the finished structure was delivered on time, and to their high expectations.

We can design, produce and manufacture bespoke buildings to your specification.