Extra Indoor Space at Tobacco Dock


We were approached by Tobacco Dock to create addition exhibition rental space in their courtyard, thus maximising vendor potential.

The courtyard is not fully undercover, and open to the elements, therefore our temporary structure offered additional indoor space.

The structure also had to seamlessly link two existing permanent buildings.

The Vision

The vision was to create extra open, prestige indoor space which is inviting to exhibitors and visitors alike.

The temporary structure also had to blend in with the current surroundings and be in keeping with the feel and era of Tobacco Dock.

Worldwide Structures Ltd Delivered:

• A 9m x 10m all-terrain platform, complete with a 9M x 10M single storey flat roof structure with architectural glass panels. This structure had to be built on the existing flagstone flooring within the venue without fixing to the ground.

• Due to existing fixtures and fittings at the site, including streetlamps and existing structural framework, our standard building layout (2.5M bays) had to be modified to fit within the existing space.

• Access to the build site was limited and all components had to be manually moved from the unloading bay to the build site.
• The structure was built in 5 days with 6 crew.

• 2 bespoke bays were manufactured on site to join the temporary structure to the doors into the existing permanent structures.

• Project liaison at all times with other on-site crew at Tobacco Dock to ensure smooth delivery of the final structure.

We can design, produce and manufacture bespoke buildings to your specification.