Circulus at The Races

Circulus at The Races

We were approached by a prestigious racecourse to provide a double storey hospitality bar.

The Vision

A refreshing, inviting and modern structure which offered a covered first floor hospitality space and roof terrace.

 The System

We built a 10m by 15m platform with a 10m x 15m double storey structure, using our SPACE building system®, incorporating the impressive curved front Circulus structure.

The building included an open sided ground floor with easy access to the hospitality bar.

The first-floor space included a 5m x 10m covered area and a 5m x 5m open roof terrace with views.

Our unique flat roof system allowed any standing water to channel through upright columns intrinsic to the system and through to the ground surface below, negating the need for unsightly guttering.

Our integral self-levelling all-terrain platform easily accommodated the site levels of this site.

Worldwide Structures Ltd Delivered

• An elegant and sophisticated looking building achieved using architectural glass and facetted full height glass to the front of the building.

• Co-ordinated installation of the internal fit out, using Natural Green Creative Spaces and our other preferred contractors.



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