BP 2012 Olympic Games

BP 2012 Olympic Games

Beck Interior, a specialist fit-out company, required a partner to help them in creating a bespoke, temporary showcase at the Olympic Park for their client, BP.

The Vision

The “temporary showcase” structure was to feature a complete mirrored facade. This would “create a sense of low impact on the environment, by reflecting the adjacent buildings, clouds and sky”.

Internally this Fuelling the Future building was all about space – being full height and featuring a 360-degree rotating “cyclorama” of extraordinary panoramic images, which explained the journey energy takes before reaching the consumer.

The System

The Space Building System™ is highly flexible and adaptable to suit our clients’ vision. Our frameworks are built to accommodate custom cladding, bringing this mirrored cladding design to life.

The structure featured ballast integrated into the platform floor, negating the need for concrete foundations, despite the size of the building.

It also featured a domed roof, specially manufactured substrate to support the asymmetric outer building, 3m high architectural glass and vinyl cladding to its base.

At 15m by 21m, with 10m clear height throughout, the building was designed to accommodate the tall rotating cyclorama and present an impressive space and showcase for the client.

Our reusable Space Building System™ met the stringent standards of sustainability required for all buildings on the Olympic Park site, as well as adhering to all UK building regulations.

 Worldwide Structures Ltd Delivered

  • The kit was extremely flexible and adaptable – able to bring to life the stunning bespoke, asymmetric design for the client.
  • We constructed the building within a short lead time amidst high levels of Olympic park security and regulation requirements.
  • The structure had the design quality of a permanent building, despite its temporary specification. The Design Council’s review of our construction was: ‘…we also welcome the design detailing of the pavilion, which is of the quality you would expect for a permanent structure…’

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