Café altered for 12th April reopening

This is one of our Garden Centre café structures which has been adapted to meet the Governments Phase 2 Roadmap out of Lockdown rules, which come into effect on the 12th April.

This Garden Centre is now prepared ahead of time and ready to welcome their visitors into the café from April 12th.

We simply removed the solid side panels of the structure and replaced them with our standard handrail. We also added some night sheets along the open sides which will only used at night to keep the interior dry when the café is not in use.

The alterations took less than one day to do, and when our client is ready we will simply pop back to site and remove the handrail and night sheets and reinstall the solid sides to enclose the structure (café), returning it back to normal.

If this is something you are interested in please do not hesitate to get in touch: / 01672 565 060