Building Success: Celebrating 10 Years of Worldwide Structures

We’re celebrating 10 years of Worldwide Structures!

Over the past decade, we have worked with so many brands on so many different projects.

In this article, we’re sharing one of our favourite temporary structures from each year from 2014 to 2024.


We were excited to work with Land Rover for the first time, supporting the launch of the new Discovery Support.

Worldwide Structures supplied a double-storey structure capable of displaying two cars on its first floor. The two cars were craned in through an opening before the final wall was installed.


When Mazda UK launched the latest generation of their MX5 model in Scotland, they had a rather bold idea.

The plan was for their temporary structure, made to house previous MX5 models alongside the new one, to look as if it was floating on water at Loch Torridon in the Northwest Highlands. The structure needed to be robust enough to hold five cars while still looking lightweight to give it a ‘floating’ appearance.

Our team contended with an undulating terrain and had to build and dismantle the structure with the tide timetable in mind.

Read more about this project in our case study.


We ventured over the Atlantic to San Francisco for the Super Bowl for the very first time, supplying and installing two structures for one of the main NFL sponsors.

Built in the FanZone, double- and single-storey flat roof structures were delivered. After this success, we supplied another double-storey structure for the same event the following year as the Super Bowl headed to Atlanta.


We returned to Goodwood Festival of Speed working with TRO and BMW.

It was the first outing for our black structural components, as can be seen on this triple-storey structure with rooftop views.


Following on from the success of the BMW structure at Goodwood, we also built the next-door structure for the global tyre brand Michelin.

We delivered a stunning double-storey structure on the main event space, plus a much smaller build, used as the centrepiece of the Super Car Paddock.

At sister event Goodwood Revival, we also built a structure designed to replicate a permanent Art Deco building.

Find out more about this structure in our case study.


Circulus was all the rage in 2019, as we delivered our curved structure at several events across the UK.

We used this design for a first-floor hospitality bar and roof terrace for Moët & Chandon and a structure for Land Rover.


This year sticks in the memory for all the wrong reasons as we built a stunning two-storey structure at the Geneva International Motor Show only for the show to be cancelled the day before the press day due to the pandemic.

It remained in Switzerland until the end of June when the crew could return safely to dismantle the structure and ship it back to the UK.


We were lucky enough to showcase more vehicles at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this year.

Read about all of our work at this prestigious automotive festival in this case study.


We supplied this bespoke double-storey structure at Farnborough International Airshow for this global aircraft brand. Complete with first-floor balcony overlooking the airfield, it certainly made a presence at this global airshow.


We were happy to return to the United States for ConExpo. We supplied a triple-storey structure, displaying our 45-degree corner elements, allowing the client to move away from the normal square/rectangular layout structures. We also delivered five single-storey structures at this event. 

Here’s some more information on our previous work at ConExpo.


We delivered a bespoke BYD-owned structure to the Everything Electric show in London, designed to showcase BYD’s innovative Electric Vehicles. BYD opted for a purchase request, allowing this structure to be activated multiple times across the country.

Our team used reusable temporary components, allowing for a truly unique experience at every installation.

The full case study is available here.

We’re proud of each and every one of these structures and we’re excited to continue working with prestigious brands on innovative temporary structures.

Which is your favourite? Get in touch and let us know! You can read about more of our temporary structures on our Case Studies page.