The System

Designed for designers and developed by Worldwide Structures Ltd, the Space Building System™ is an innovative and technically sophisticated temporary building and exhibition system, designed to create stylish, contemporary structures. The system is ideal for designers who want to create a show stopping structure, whatever the size or space they have available to work with.

Modular concept

The Space Building System™ is built from the ground up. Its all-terrain, load bearing floors can be laid anywhere even on difficult ground such as sand or over water or where space is limited. Once in position the rest of the system – including walls and doors – simply clips into place.

cross section

Unique patented design

All the floor beams, support columns and roof beams are constructed from the same ‘thirteen cavity’ extruded aluminium profile. This unique, patented, profile is 130mm x 130mm with a dovetail on each corner. The system is totally integrated and the size and scale of structures are only limited by the number of components available.

Fully compliant

The Space Building System™ meets high safety standards and can comply with all relevant British and overseas standards and guidelines. In particular, the system is installed to the UK Home Office commissioned guidelines laid down by The Institute of Structural Engineers: Temporary Demountable Structures, Guidance on procurement, design and use. (Third Edition 2007)

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