The Process

Let’s talk about your ideas from concept to shut down

If you want to wow a potential or existing client with an innovative concept for an upcoming event or exhibition, then let’s talk. We can help you pull together a winning concept and push the boundaries of design through the process of establishing the final brief. Where possible, we will also provide an outline budget at this stage and as part of the engineering process, will consult with you on the available options.

Bringing your ideas to life

Our in-house team will produce detailed CAD format drawings in both Auto Cad, DXF and Revit 3d files for use by your own designers. We don’t charge for amending the designs and will work with you to ensure your client is 100% happy with the final designs before despatching the building for installation.

Devils in the detail

During the design process, we will produce detailed plans, conduct a site visit and ensure all structural calculations have been accurately produced. We will also supply you with all the paperwork you need to comply with the guidelines and standards that apply to your event or exhibition.

lorry delivery

Onsite delivery

We will meticulously plan the despatch of your temporary building to ensure it is delivered correctly and deal with any delivery restrictions or limitations. Our on-site construction team are extremely experienced and have never failed to deliver the successful installation of a building. One of our own site foremen will oversee every detail of your build and will liaise with other on-site contractors as required.

Successful shut down

Once your event is over, our team will come in to dismantle and remove the temporary structure with the same speed and meticulous care. Job done.

We design, produce and manufacture bespoke temporary structures to your specification. Want to know more?