A-Z(-ish) of cars we have housed

How do the most prestigious car brands in the world showcase their vehicles?

And how do they make sure they have a structure perfectly suited to draw attention to their brand, whilst accommodating the curious public and potential prospects?

Well, they enlist the services of Worldwide Structures of course!

From family estates to hypercars, single-seat racers to off-road 4x4s, our structures have been deployed to display vehicles at exhibitions and product launches all over the world.

We’ve worked with so many car brands over the years, and it got us thinking at Worldwide Structures HQ: could we complete the alphabet with these cars?

The answer, unfortunately, was no… We are close, though – currently on 16, with just 9 to go. If anyone wants to set up an automotive brand beginning with Q, that would really help us out.

However, we’ve all got to start somewhere! And as the years roll on, we’ll be able to make updates to incorporate those missing letters. For now, though, let’s take a look at the Worldwide Structures A-Z(-ish) of cars!

And keep in mind, if your brand is exhibiting and you’re looking to stand out amongst the rest; replace the car with your product and get in touch.

A is for…


Back in 2021, Sytner wanted a bespoke space to exhibit at that year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Since Goodwood is all about performance, Sytner needed to match the tone. To do that, they determined that showcasing their Alpina brand was best. Alpina is a tuning house, turning already powerful cars into race-ready machines.

The structure needed to house at least 5 of their cars with enough space and material to adequately display their branding within the vast Goodwood grounds.



At the same event, in the same year, Worldwide Structures developed an exhibition space for one of the most iconic badges in automotive history.

To match the secrecy of the vehicle beneath the Union Jack, Worldwide Structures built a completely sheltered unit only accessible by a hidden and narrow set of stairs.

B is for…


The first time we had the distinct pleasure of (temporarily) housing a BMW was all the way back in 2004.

It has been nearly 20 years and we are still supporting BMWs – and supporting them 4 storeys up!


The Veyron was actually part of a Michelin display – rather than a Bugatti one – and was included in their Supercar Paddock at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

However, the once fastest car on the planet is a sight to behold and we couldn’t resist giving it its own mention here.


The Supercar Paddock will feature a couple more times in this list. We have worked with Michelin over a number of years, providing structures that give spectators the chance to be up close and personal with some of the fastest vehicles on the planet.

The structure we created needed to feature a rotating platform in which the cars could drive on and off, and be designed with enough open space to encourage as many visitors as possible.

C is for…


Another visit to Goodwood Festival of Speed for one of the most technologically advanced vehicles on our list.

The Czinger boasts a completely 3D-printed gearbox – an automotive first – and an impressive 0-60mph time of 1.9 seconds!

In 2022 we built a structure that put the vehicle front and centre, with enough room to display its gull-wing doors – a hypercar essential, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

F is for…


In 1966, the Ford GT40 (mk.2) broke Ferrari’s dominance at Le Mans.

40 years later, and the Ford GT was on sale to mark that phenomenal race. We were lucky enough to provide a temporary structure for this model that put the car front and centre.

H is for…


Back in the year 2000, we built a structure to showcase the Honda Civic and accommodate up to 50 guests.

I is for…


Let’s go back 10 years now to 2013 when Infiniti was showcasing their range of vehicles (plus an RB9 for those F1 fans) at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

To achieve this, we provided a two-storey structure – including a terrace-come-balcony – with the vehicles below and office space above.

There was an extra element to contend with on this project, and that was the uneven surface. To combat this, the base was levelled out and steps surrounded the structure for accessibility.

J is for…


There have been several occasions we have had this symbol of British Automotive history grace our temporary structures.

In 2021, however, we needed to be a tad more creative as the threat of COVID-19 was still lingering, so space and airflow became a crucial part of the design.

How do you make a car the focal point, ensuring as many people can see it without having to crowd in a small place? Put it on a plinth! We produced a structure robust enough to hold a Jaguar F-Pace on its roof – and the result speaks for itself.

K is for…


Once the fastest car around the Top Gear test track, the Koenigsegg Jenko featured in the Michelin Supercar Paddock in 2021.

L is for…


Before anyone says Land Rover no longer exists and has been absorbed by the “JLR brand”, we can’t deny how important they have been in the automotive landscape.

Much like the Jaguars, Worldwide Structures have housed Land Rovers at various shows for a significant number of years.

In 2013 we provided a two-storey structure with a sun terrace and exterior decking as part of an exhibition space for their latest Range Rover model.


What do you mean you’ve never heard of Lykan?!

The Lykan was the featured vehicle in Furious 7 – remember the vehicle that drove out of one skyscraper and into another?

A mad scene for an equally mad car.

M is for…


I think when we housed a Maserati at yet another Goodwood Festival of Speed, it became the only time I could say with a degree of certainty the occupant looked better than the structure.

The structure we built for this brand was deliberately unassuming as it was the cars that were the headline act.


For something altogether different to launch the latest iteration of the best-selling 2-seater ever made, Mazda took 4 cars up to the West Coast of Scotland, found a beautiful loch, and told us to “Make our cars float!”

With some design magic and mother nature on our side, we did just that. And the shot was magnificent.

N is for…


The project for Nissan, on behalf of a long-term client TRO, was particularly fun, with a 3-city roadshow as part of their wider brand awareness campaign.

But nobody wanted the same structure 3 times.

So, we built 3 different configurations, but using all the same materials, in Rome, Berlin, and Paris.

P is for…


In certain circles, Porsche is synonymous with success.

They are the unambiguous kings of endurance racing with 19 Le Man’s titles and a historic driver roster featuring Aussie F1 legend Mark Webber.

During the endurance event at Silverstone in 2015, Porsche was looking to showcase a number of vehicles to highlight their motoring pedigree.

Worldwide Structures came in and provided something sleek and sturdy, that placed as much focus on the machinery as possible. As you can tell from the picture – this is a caged animal raring to be released.

R is for…


A synonym for prestige, our Rolls Royce project took us to the ExCel in London – the Rolls’s premier habitat.

Although the project was for a hospitality structure, of course there were going to be some pristine examples of Britain’s most luxury car brand.

Each car has an average stationary weight of approximately 2 and a half tonnes so what we provided needed to have the capacity to hold guests and over 5 tonnes of leather, aluminium, and varnished wood.

S is for…


Not content with creating affordable road cars with a reputation for running forever, Škoda turned up to the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2013 wanting to show off the Octavia vRS model’s capability in the famous hill climb.

Another example of a Worldwide Structures hospitality building, but this one was three storeys tall with a rooftop terrace.

With cars on the bottom and seating in the middle and top floors, we even commissioned a doorway to match their brand colours.

Oh, and not to mention the helter-skelter inside.

V is for…


To coincide with their Century of Speed campaign, Vauxhall exhibited at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2003 to showcase some of their fastest cars.

Set on a plinth in a spiral were 6 cars, with 2 sat on a podium, and an open two-storey structure behind.

The festival that year was rather hot, so we were thankful the design stage did not incorporate the glass walls we have fitted in previous structures.


In true Scandinavian style, Volvo wanted a structure with wooden decking to match the design effect of a sauna.

Although the V40 was present, this structure was primarily focused on hospitality. So, comfort and space were the order of the day.

Z is for…


Sticking on the Scandi theme the last car on our list is the Zenvo.

If a Viking were to have designed a hypercar, they would likely have come up with the Zenvo.

Hand-built V12 cars with fierce performance and built for the long road into the sunset, Zenvo debuted with Worldwide Structures in.

Small in stature but striking in impact, the structure commissioned required open space for the car and a small seating area away from the beating sun.

Regardless of where the exhibition, product launch, or campaign is held, Worldwide Structures can develop and design the perfect temporary housing to match your brand and showcase your products.

No matter what your product is, attract greater attention with a perfectly suited temporary structure. Give us a call on +44 (0) 1672 565 060, or just send an email to stuart@w-sl.com.

But if you are reading this and want to set up an event for car brands which begin with the letters E, D, G, O, Q, T, U, W, X, Y – throw us a bone. It would be great to complete the full alphabet!